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Over the course of 12 years, Bunnywith has appeared in comic books, web comics, as plush and vinyl toys, and most recently an entire art show dedicated to him.

And it doesn’t feel like HIS skin, if that makes sense. ”“I have no idea.”“Well, then…” Dawn trailed off for a second before she continued, “what are we waiting for? CLIENT: Personal Work My longest running joke, "Bunnywith", is simply hundreds of variations of a bunny "with" a variety of things.

And 21 years of telling me that someday he will blow me a kiss from 220,000 miles above our house. He’s just a little jaundiced from the trip and I’m just in disbelief that he’s home safe. Follow the periodic adventures of BUNNYWITH here on his own personal Instagram account @bunnywithselfies CLIENT: Personal Work Originally displayed in SPOKE ART's "Supersonic Electronic" show, Snake Eyes is a rendition of a story I wrote about an American soldier who was disfigured in a land-mine accident in Vietnam. In 2015 Pardee collaborated on "I Got Your Back" with hip hop artist Justin Bua who described Pardee as "a prolific artist who's imagination is populated with wicked, warped, and wacky characters that walk a tightrope between playful and grotesque.I tried traditional routes of applying for art jobs back in the mid 90’s. What’s inspiring to one person may be viewed as criminal by another. I’m inspired by icons and minimal information to get the point across. I’m inspired by Wikipedia because when I was younger there was no way to find out if Pikachu was based off of a real animal or not.And not too many things have joined me on ALL of those journeys. This FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, at 1PM EST / 10AM PST, I will finally be releasing the newest iteration of my favorite character in this new collection, exclusively online in my store at Bunnywith has been a main creative outlet and escape for me for 2 decades now, and I am extremely excited to announce the release of my BRAND NEW 100 PAGE “BUNNYWITH” ART BOOK!

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