Updating jchart

The JIRA Charting Plugin now integrates with your issue navigator.When viewing search results you can click the 'Chart' option in the issue navigator views to popup an instant chart view.- Michael Armes Am Charts has taken my website to the next level.

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Keep in mind that you are in no way obligated to use these methods, you could also supply Python dictionaries in the place of these method calls.

From the chart view popup you have the option to configure any chart that is available via the charting plugin.

Once happy with your chart and its configuration you can, in one step, create a named filter and save the chart to any page on your dashboard.

To do this we need to setup a url endpoint from which to load the chart's data.

There is a classmethod available on from jchart.views import Chart View# Line Chart is a class inheriting from jchart.

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