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The post-Eemian sequence is subdivided into three units, beginning with a mixture of aeolian and gelifluction deposits, which are also modified by cryostructures.

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Twenty-eight subsamples from a relict chimney and massive sulfides were dated using the U method.

During the latest interval of Saalian deglaciation, shallow waters of the basin most likely attained a depth below 3 m and were abundant in calcium carbonate.

Due to the high-spatial resolution of an ion microprobe (typically 30 μm), regions of pure opal within a sample can be targeted and detrital material can be avoided.

U concentrations for 30-μm-diameter spots ranged from 50 to 1000 ppm in these types of materials.

The , eliminating the need for detrital Th corrections that reduce the precision of traditional U-Th ages for many milligram- and larger-sized samples. 500 ppm) are commonly juxtaposed next to layers of calcite with much lower U concentrations (1–2 ppm).

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