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It has paid out an estimated billion in reparations to Holocaust survivors and their heirs over the last 60 years.After a chain of racist insults to locals, people finally was pissed off and almost lynched the Ukrainian neonazi named Alexei Makeev who in the process stabbed to death a teenager. Racism in any form is a disgrace to the modern ideal of a rational, open, and multicultural society.Yet, racist groups remain prevalent at the fringes of the worlds of politics, culture, music, and fashion.It says it “sees the traditional family” as the only model which can reverse the country’s declining birth rate.To this end the party pledges to take steps to ban abortion and make divorce more difficult.Corinna Luray Burt is "the most prominent National Socialist Movement organizer in the Pacific Northwest," according to a watchdog group that monitors the activities of the neo-Nazi organization.She's been photographed in Nazi uniform on countless occasions.

The previously secret draft national manifesto, which is due to be approved by a full Af D party congress at the end of April, has been published by the not-for-profit German research group

These include his founding membership of a group to help those…

A leaked election manifesto has revealed that Germany’s vote-winning new anti-immigrant party has plans for draconian laws which would discriminate against handicapped children, single mothers, and the mentally ill – and oblige history teachers to end a perceived “over-emphasis” on the Nazi era in schools.

The German government has laws on the books that will get you thrown in jail for denying the existence of the Holocaust.

It mandates that all schoolchildren, starting at age 12 and for years after that, learn about what happened to the Jews under Nazi rule.

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