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Michel, Northern France [06/28] Lady Lara Victore, Paris, France [06/27] Courtisane Des Limbes, Paris, France [06/18] Reine-Azure, Paris, France [05/15] Maitresse Katarena, Paris, France [05/03] Maitresse Martina, Paris, France (Also here) [04/26] Gabrielle Dolmence, Paris, France [04/25] Maitresse Ingrid, Nancy, France [04/03] Maitresse Omri, Paris, France [03/07] Mistress Wang, Paris, France [02/27] Maitresse Nemesis, Paris, France [02/21] Les Maitresses Parisiennes, Paris, France [02/12] Matresse Franoise, Paris, France (Also here, Rubber Nurse, here, here, here, here, and toplist, here) [02/05] Miss Layla, Lyon, France [02/02] Lady Angel, Paris, France (Also here) [09/24] Maitresse Daphne, Bordeaux, France [05/23] Lady Joviale, Paris, France [02/16] Maitresse Estelle, Paris, France [02/07] Mistress Carole, Loire Valley, France [01/22] Maitresse o-dalisque, Puy-de-Dme, Auvergne, France (Also here) [11/05] Mademoiselle Anna Pink, Toulouse, France [08/21] Maitresse Carola, Paris, France [05/24] Mademoiselle Angie, Paris, France [05/11] Lady St Claire, Paris, France [05/02] Maitresse Spheria, Nancy, France [03/26] Mademoiselle Octavie, Paris, France [03/13] Maitresse Kinsha, Paris, France,br [02/18] Ins de G, Paris, France [02/13] Mademoiselle Sadique, Paris, France [02/11] Miss Lilith, Lille, France (Also Belgium) [02/09] Maitresse Soraya, Paris, France [02/04] Maitresse Sarah, Paris, France [01/29] Lady Lorin, Paris, France [12/23] Maitresse Sarah, Paris, France [12/19] Satangel, Narbonne, France (Also here) [11/21] Gullivanne de France, Annecy-Cedex, France [10/06] Highness Chanel, Paris, France (Travels to London & other cities) [09/27] Maitresse Simone, Paris, France [08/21] Maitresse Cassandra, Paris, France [08/16] Maitresse Deesse, Paris, France [07/31] Maitresse Diane de Cythre, Paris, France (Also here) [05/25] Maitresse Crust dungeon, Paris, France [05/11] Lady B, Paris, France [05/10] Maitresse Beatrice, Paris, France [05/10] Maitresse Barbarella, Paris, France [05/10] Maitresse Elise, Paris, France [04/14] La Maitresse Jacqueline, Brittany, France (Also here) [04/10] Maitress Angela, Dole, France [04/10] Maitresse Messaline, Paris (Also here) [04/10] Maitresse Paris, Paris, France [04/09] Maitresse Barbarella, Paris, France [03/26] Maitresse Jade / Maitresse Sonia , Lille, France [02/01] Maitresse Ava, Paris, France (Also here, here) [01/27] Maitresse Patricia, Paris, France (Also here) [01/18] Maitresse Caprice, Paris, France [12/21] Lady Valeska, Nancy, France [12/19] Maitresse Jenny, Toulouse, France (Also here) [12/16] Madame Jade, Paris, France [12/12] Maitresse Sulfure, Lyon, France [11/17] Mistress Nerak, Paris, France [11/05] Young Russian Mistress, Paris, France (also New York) [10/20] Matresse Morrign, Paris, France [10/14] Miss Hazel, Paris, France [10/11] Maitresse Charlotte, Paris, France (requires preliminary email training) [10/03] Diablesse Asiat, Marseilles, France [09/30] Maitresse Malvina, Clamart, France (Also Los Angeles - 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The Cat Mistress, Berlin, Germany [07/13] Lady Malena, Berlin / Zwickau (Sachsen), Germany [07/07] Novem Viginti, Karlsruhe, Germany [06/17] Diva Nova, Koln, Germany (Also here, here) [06/17] Stella Cruella, Hamburg, Germany (Also here, here) [06/08] Madame Ellen, Nurenberg & Karlsruhe, Germany [05/12] Madame Stella, Berlin, Germany [05/06] Domina Lexi Dark, Hamburg, Germany (Also here, here) [05/06] Domina Tiffany Von Brixen, Gera/ Thringen & Dresden, Leipzig/ Sachsen, Germany [04/27] Lady Natalie Black, Essen, Germany (Also here) [04/27] BDSM Fantasies / Lady Lava, Frankfurt/Main, Germany [04/07] Cheyenne de Muriel, Stuttgart, Germany (Also here) [03/31] Bizarrlady Aleksa, Koln, Germany [03/28] Domina Diamond Deluxe, Dusseldorf, Germany [03/23] House of Secret, Witten, Germany [03/23] Lady Emanuelle, Witten, Germany (Also here) [03/23] Domina Bizarr Studio, Munich, Germany [03/23] Lady Susanna, Munich, Germany (Also here) [03/23] Lady Gina, Munich, Germany (Also here) [03/23] Lady Silver, Munich, Germany (Also here) [03/23] Lady Dana, Munich, Germany (Also here) [03/23] Madame Sophie, Munich, Germany (Also here) [03/23] Lady Inessa, Munich, Germany (Also here) [03/23] Donna Isabella, Munich, Germany (Also here) [03/23] Bizarre Mercedes, Munich, Germany (Also here) [03/23] Lady Lou, Munich, Germany (Also here) [03/20] Madame Charlotte, Hannover, Germany (Also Vienna and Berlin - Also here) [02/15] Bizarrlady Undine, Hamburg, Germany (At Studio Rex) [01/25] Lady Luciana di Domizio, Essen, Germany [01/22] Lady Demonia Animo, Herzogenrath, near Aachen, Germany (Also here, here) [01/17] Herrin Latoria, Kiel, Germany (Also here) [12/22] Lady Raquel, Berlin, Germany (Also New York & Travels - Also here, here) [12/22] Lady Devil, Berlin, Germany (Also here) [12/22] Herrin Katz, Berlin, Germany (Also here) [12/22] Miss KV, Berlin, Germany (Also here) [12/22] Femdom Empire, Berlin, Germany [12/16] Domina Tabea Sandoval, Aachen, Germany (Also here, here, here, here, here) [12/08] Lady Katherina, Berlin, Germany (Also here) [12/02] Mia Cativa, Bad Kreuznach, Germany (Also here, here) [12/01] Samira Seduce, Koln, Germany (Also here) [11/29] Lady Eviana, Duisburg, Germany (Also here) [11/28] Lady Divina, Hamburg, Germany [11/18] Dominatrix Alexa, Berlin, Germany (Also San Francisco - Also here) [11/14] Mistress Roxy, Elten, Germany [11/13] Lady Atropa, Berlin, Germany (Also here) [11/13] Lady Johanna, Hamburg, Germany (Also here) [11/11] Lady Cats World, Essen, Germany [11/11] Domina Lady Emiliana, Nurnberg, Germany (Also here) [11/02] Lady Alexiel, Monchengladbach, Germany [11/02] Das Bizarre Stahlwerk, Bochum, Germany [10/29] Miss Patrizia, Koln, Germany (Also here) [10/28] Lady Samira, Koln, Germany (Also here) [10/20] Kate's Palace of Sin, Berlin, Germany [10/20] Domina Kate, Berlin, Germany (Also Koln - At Kate's Palace of Sin, Also here) [10/14] Lady Sara, Frankfurt, Germany [10/14] Bizarr Lounge, Rastatt, Germany [10/13] Madame Gina von Scorpia, Lneburg, Niedersachsen, Germany [10/08] Lady Lara, Magdeburg, Germany [10/07] Domina Kate, Koln, Germany (Also here) [10/05] Contessa Cara, Essen, Germany (At Casa Casal) [09/23] Donna Diva, Essen, Germany (Also here) [09/16] Domina Lady Vampira / Studio Femdom Empire Berlin, Berlin, Germany (Also here, here) [08/08] SMart Coachingagentur, Aschaffenburg, Germany [08/08] Grfin Patrizia, Ludwigshafen, Germany [08/07] Domina Maya, Hamburg, Germany (Also here, here) [07/24] Atelier Exposure / Syonera Von Styx, Dresden, Germany (Also Hamburg, Dortmund, Leipzig, Zurich - Also here, here, membership site, membership site, membership site) [07/03] Das Fetisch Atelier, Bremen, Germany [06/19] Lucia e Xcentric, Berlin, Germany [06/19] Eve Rubberbound, Berlin, Germany [05/22] Lady Tylara, Mainz, Germany [05/15] Lady Jasmin, Husum, near Hamburg, Germany (And her membership site) [05/04] Mistress Magila, Hamburg, Germany [05/01] Lady Lexxa, Freiburg, Germany [04/26] Dominante Welt, Nuernberg, Germany [04/10] Cassandra Cardinale, Dusseldorf, Germany [04/08] Lady Nicole Deville / Atelier Luzifer, Giessen, Germany [04/08] Contessa Barbara Calucci, Essen, Germany (Also here) [04/08] Domina Fabienne, Zwickau, Germany [04/07] Lady Jill, Karlsruhe, Germany (Also here) [04/06] Lady Velvet Steel, Berlin, Germany [03/28] Rubbersutra, Koln, Germany (rubber fetish) [03/26] Perfect Feet Lady, Dusseldorf, Germany [03/24] Domina Zara Drake, Duisburg, Germany (Also here) [03/24] Miss Samira Seduce, Koln, Germany [03/19] Madame Cartier, Munich, Germany [03/17] Lady Chantal, Koln, Germany [03/14] Domina Miss Alice, Munich, Germany (Also Nrnberg, Hamburg) [03/02] Junge Domina Diana, Munich, Germany [03/02] Lady Cleo, Near Frankfurt, Germany [02/28] Studio Labyrinth, Hamburg, Germany [02/28] Hart Oder Herzlich, Berlin, Germany [02/28] Chalet of Pain / Madame Carah, Euskirchen, Germany (Also here, here) [02/28] Lady Lintia, Euskirchen, Germany (Also here, here) [02/25] Herrin Catmistress, Berlin, Germany [02/22] Empress Victoria, Berlin, Germany [02/21] Lady Kaa, Frankfurt, Germany (Also here, here) [02/21] Lady Alexa, Frankfurt, Germany (Also Stuttgart - 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One woman in a cream-coloured sweater watched the explosion which damaged nearby cars - but incredibly left her unharmed.

The high-pressure water pipes had been used to funnel hot water to housing complexes from central heating plants.

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Immediately after the explosion, the muddy water from the pipeline can be seen flooding the street as another woman stands by watching the destruction in dismay.

Council workers responsible for the communal pipeline say the burst happened on a section of the pipeline that had previously not been in use for 37 years.

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