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While sharing some details and photo credits with me, she casually mentioned that in addition to editing , a magazine devoted to DIY, entertaining and all sorts of crafting ideas.

She and her husband moved into a 1940s ranch home just before Sarah gave birth to their first child.

The floorplan is completely open, so the wall becomes the main feature.

I love the look of the wood set on a diagonal, but I can't help but feel it's a little outdated...""I am considering staining it a black-brown color for continuity, as the wood furniture in my house is either black-brown or birch.

Sarah describes this living room (the focus of the makeover) as the “owner’s only idea of an ‘update’ because the rest of the house looked untouched in seven decades’ time.” Covered in faux wood paneling, the room was begging for a makeover, and with the help of their friends, Sarah and her husband did just that.

The full makeover and furnishing details continue after the jump. Sarah and her husband discovered that under the paneling of the living room was actually a brick wall.

In this next photo, they’ve used white roman shades again, but this time, they’ve painted the window trim white…

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Makeover by: Stella Location: New York After months of looking for a new place, I came across this semi-attic space covered in wood paneling.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a reader questions post, but I LOVE ’em, and here’s why: every time I post, you guys just spew brilliance and hilarity all over the comments section, so I know y’all are little decorating geniuses and these posts are my favorite way to showcase that! My point is that Stephanie is creative and talented and has a brilliant eye. The good news is, they love the house AND their landlord and, in other good news, they have this little dog, which doesn’t help the paneling situation but maybe her cuteness can temporarily distract? ” – and that’s a great solution, normally – Stephanie’s landlord has already ruled that out. (Also: Keep it affordable by using sheets instead of fabric, or just grabbing a ton of panels from Ikea.2. That wall could be covered in doilies and you wouldn’t know it.

If you missed the other ones, weigh in on whether you would paint this mantle, and, closely related to this post, what you would do about Spiderman in the bedroom. Stephanie is the creative talent behind the Cinnamon Bears etsy shop. But only if I could skip puberty this time, because I’d rather birth a human person than repeat middle school. But she and her husband just moved into a new place where the walls of the den – allllll the walllllls – are wood paneling. Take the focus off the paneling with large-scale art or the giant-est of gallery arrangements Oh yes, giant art.

I knew I couldn't sign a lease without thinking first of what my makeover would consist of.

After all the makeovers I've done in the past, I had to came to terms with the fact that this one would be a whole new deal.

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