Dating a thug

According to Snapchat, Cash Money rapper Young Thug and his “fiancee'” Jerrika Karla have put his dirty dog ways behind them.

The victim told the Sun Online: 'I just kept crying. He had my phone, keys – everything.'I wanted to appease him because he was so angry – and I also didn't want my friend to see me, so I just went.'And it has been revealed that Reid did not stop using dating apps - including Tinder - during his trial.

His girlfriend started laughing when he brought a pink blanket to her home when he was supposed to move in earlier this year, the court heard.

But he started to kick and punch her and a heavy box of books landed on top of her when she ended up on the floor.

Jason Reid, 39, met his 38-year-old girlfriend on the Bumble app and has been locked up for six months after attacking her twice.

A court heard he smashed up his girlfriend's mobile phone and wrecked her home before leaving her 'covered head-to-toe in bruises', reports The Sun Online.

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