Bipolar dating online

I've been doing a lot of research and now I'm really torn. I blew the first opprtunity I had with her and was lucky to get a second chance so I don't want to just throw that away.So much of what I've read says to NOT get involved with such a person, that I'll only end up miserable, exhausted, and stressed out. We haven't been dating for very long, but it's been going far better than I had expected it to, which is why I don't want to just walk away.I know that there are plenty of other women out there, but it's rare for me to meet one that interests me the way this woman has. But ending something because the other person has a mental illness...

The three main types are: bipolar disorder type I, bipolar disorder type II and cyclothymia.

While talking online was fine, it isn't the same as a proper face to We had a really good time, chemistry, alot of things in common etc and even talked about things to do next time we met.

We ended up back at her place, she made me a coffee ( didn't have one herself,) and we spent a few more hours talking.

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    And Internet Dating is becoming a norm these days!!!! OP - go for it, it's a bit of craic and a great way to meet people.

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